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How to Join a Watch Party on Disney Plus 2024

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In 2024, joining a Disney Party offers a phenomenal method for getting a charge out of movies and shows with loved ones, regardless of where they are. With highlights like GroupWatch and the Disney Plus Party extension, watchers can consistently synchronize their survey, guaranteeing everybody observes together continuously. Whether you're hoping to share giggling over the most recent Disney Firsts or the fervor of a Wonder blockbuster, this guide will walk you through the means of how to do a watch party on Disney Plus. Prepare to change your film evenings into an associated, public involvement with loved ones all over the planet.

Guide to Joining a Disney Plus Watch Party in 2024

Joining a Disney Party in 2024 is a fantastic way to appreciate motion pictures. It shows with friends and family, paying little mind to the area. Moreover, Disney Plus offers highlights like GroupWatch and the Watch Party Disney Plus extension. That makes it conceivable to synchronize seeing encounters consistently. Therefore, here's a detailed guide on how to host a Disney Plus watch party:

Getting Started:

Receive an Invitation: 

1. Firstly, to join a Disney Party is to receive an invitation. 

2. This could be a GroupWatch link or an invite through the Disney Plus Party extension. 

3. Further, ensure you have this link handy.

Prepare Your Device

Before joining a Disney watch party, ensure you:

1. Besides, you must have a valid Disney Plus subscription.

2. Utilize a viable gadget like a PC, Macintosh, iOS, Android, or a smart television.

3. Have a steady internet connection for top-notch video in real time.

Install Necessary Extensions (For Watch Party Disney Plus):

4. If joining via the Disney Party, install the extension from your browser’s extension store (available for browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge). 

5. Then, pin the extension to your browser’s toolbar for quick access.

Log In to Disney Plus:

6. No matter what the strategy, sign into your Disney Plus account. 

7. However, if you don't have one, you should join and buy one.

Joining the Watch Party:

Access the Party:

1. For GroupWatch: Firstly, click on the GroupWatch link shared by the host. This will redirect you to the Disney Plus site or app and prompt you to join the watch session.

2. For Disney Watch Party: Click on the Disney Party icon in your browser, then click the link provided by the host to synchronize your viewing.

Interact and Control:

3. GroupWatch: Allows participants to control the playback, like pausing or skipping scenes. While it doesn’t support a chat function, you can express reactions using emojis.

4. Disney Plus Party: This typically includes a chat feature, enabling real-time messaging and emoji reactions to share thoughts and feelings with the group.

5. Enjoy the Show: Once everything is set, the host will start the movie or show, synchronizing it across all devices. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the shared viewing experience.

6. Exiting the Watch Party: If you need to leave, you can easily do so. In GroupWatch, select "Leave GroupWatch." For Disney Party, close the session or browser tab. Get Chrome Extension


Hence, joining a Disney Plus watch party in 2024 is straightforward. Disney Plus provides an interactive and enjoyable streaming experience. It brings the excitement of cinema into your home. It keeps you connected with loved ones, making movie nights special events apart.

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